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Active Directory User Editor

Active Directory User Editor Ever wanted to delegate editing of User content to HR or Admin staff? Active Directory User Editor, you can let the receptionists or team leaders manage all phone records, name and address management while IT staff takes care of the IT related tasks in the user profiles. With Active Directory User Editor you can safely let non tech staff to edit user related content as it is not possible to delete users or other objects within Active Directory. It is therefore safe to let non tech staff to update Active Directory content

JiJi AD Bulk Manager 2.0.0: Helps to Create/Modify/Delete users, computers and contacts attributes in bulk.
JiJi AD Bulk Manager 2.0.0

Active Directory Contacts Management Contact Creation, Contact Modification, Delete Contacts, Move Contacts and Export Contacts. Active Directory Computers Management Computer Modification, Delete Computers, Move Computers and Export Computers. Benefits: Export Import Data Using “JiJi AD Bulk Manager”, you can export the data from Active Directory in CSV format. Make the changes needed and get the approval. Import the data to Active Directory

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ManageEngine ADManager Plus 6.0: Web-based Active Directory Management, Reporting Tool for IT Administrators.
ManageEngine ADManager Plus 6.0

ManageEngine ADManager Plus is a web-based product that enables enterprise-wide Windows Active Directory management from a central point. ADManager Plus, with its ease-of-use, script-free and intuitive UI, 150+ actionable comprehensive reports that facilitate on-the-fly Active Directory management, integrated with secure helpdesk delegation, Automation and workflow management capabilities, is every administrator`s prime choice for AD Management.

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ManageEngine ADManager Plus 4.3: Web-based Windows Active Directory Management Tool for IT Administrators
ManageEngine ADManager Plus 4.3

ManageEngine ADManager Plus offers a 100% web-based solution to meet the Active Directory management requirements. It allows creation and modification of multiple users, groups, contact in AD by hiding the complexities of the native Active Directory tools. Its role-based security model enables effective management of security permissions with ease. The comprehensive reports provide a quick insight of the Active Directory objects. The powerful search

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AD Management 9.12.01: Manage local and remote users efficiently with AD management tool
AD Management 9.12.01

Active Directory Management tool assures you effective and instant AD management. This tool aims at providing administrators a complete Active Directory management and reporting solution using which they can monitor and manage activities of all Active Directory objects from a centralized location. It is capable of managing all Active Directory objects, such as domains, organizational units, users’ accounts, servers, computers, groups, printers,

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Windows Active Directory 9.12.01: Single application for effective Active Directory management and reporting
Windows Active Directory 9.12.01

Active Directory Management and Reporting software is simplified and prominent AD management tool that alleviates day-to-day work of AD administrators and help desk staff. It provides effective domain management, user’s management, resource management of every AD objects. User can add and manage domains, organizational units, groups, etc. in a flawless and hassle free manner. Windows Active Directory management is embedded with built-in tools for

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Softerra Adaxes 2009.1: Management facilitation, security tightening, administration enhancement.
Softerra Adaxes 2009.1

Active Directory management solution that facilitates, automates and secures Active Directory management, maintenance and administration. Softerra Adaxes guarantees high-performance user lifecycle management achieved with cross-domain Active Directory management facilities, granularly distributed role-based security, streamline user provisioning, administrative tasks automation, and approval based workflow. Centralizing AD management, Softerra Adaxes

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